What’s for dessert tonight?

Thinking about something yummy for dessert tonight? Last week this family favorite was so popular with my friends that they are asking for the recipe. German Chocolate Pie is easy to make, and with a dollop of fresh whipped cream is a perfect dessert any night.

Get ’em while they’re fresh!

534004_10201873820473551_597983911_nWe got a new stove last week (the old one only lasted about 20 years) and I asked friends for an easy recipe using fresh blueberries. My friend Louise Baxter has one that is a real winner and will be repeated in the fall when the pears growing in our front year are ripe.

You can find Louise’s recipe here and others that have been kitchen and family tested under Fuel Resources.

Bonzo cake

If you aren’t much for baking (I am not), I hope you are lucky and have friends and family who do bake. My family considers my husband’s Bonzo Cake to be just as important at Thanksgiving as the Bonzo cake from Murphy's.turkey and sweet potato souffle. I found the recipe in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and tucked it away. When my husband and I were in Atlanta many years ago and stopped in at Murphy’s in the Virginia-Highland neighborhood, I recognized the dessert I had never tried on the menu at Murphy’s where it was created.

My friend who just retired, and likes to enter baking and cooking competitions, asked me for the Bonzo Cake recipe. I have posted the Bonzo Cake recipe under Fuel Resources because friends consistently want to make it themselves. It is well worth the time and effort to make it. It is a perfect dessert for a Valentine’s Day dinner at home.

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