Lindsey Graham misses “the good old days of segregation”

Clearly South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham thinks there is no need to hide his racism any longer. Hear him for yourself. Support his opponent Jamie Harrison if you have no interest in returning to what Graham believes were better days.

When reality overtakes fiction

If you are not familiar with Professor Heather Cox Richardson, she teaches at Boston College. Her Letters from an American are daily posts carefully crafted with links to sources. I am reposting what she posted on October 2, 2020 with my own emphasis added to some of her observations. October 2, 2020 Heather Cox Richardson … Continue reading "When reality overtakes fiction"

Public schools are stonewalling their communities on Covid-19

Earlier this week the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s article Families press schools to show  virus data  proved me wrong in thinking that I am the only person bothered by the lack of information being provided to parents, teachers, students, and taxpayers from their local school boards. The lead feature coverage focused on a rural county not … Continue reading "Public schools are stonewalling their communities on Covid-19"

Last proposed coal plant on file in the United States is cancelled

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FROM: FALL-LINE ALLIANCE FOR A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT DATE: APRIL 14, 2020 CONTACT: KATHERINE CUMMINGS 478.232.8010 LAST PROPOSED COAL PLANT ON FILE IN THE UNITED STATES IS CANCELLED The Fall-Line Alliance for a Clean Environment (FACE) is proud to announce a permit extension for Plant Washington, a coal-fired power plant proposed to … Continue reading "Last proposed coal plant on file in the United States is cancelled"

Pulling the bandaids off in rural America

What rural communities lack in infrastructure is becoming very clear to elected leaders at all levels. The question that must be answered is whether those needs will be addressed and when. The lack of fast affordable internet service in rural communities is now holding back teachers, students, and parents. Teachers don’t have access to broadband … Continue reading "Pulling the bandaids off in rural America"

The coming tsunami from a healthcare provider’s perspective

Earlier this week I contacted a friend who is a healthcare provider in an urban Northeastern city. They offered to share their personal experiences and perspective on the pandemic as time and energy allow. I am grateful for their insights and commitment to serving the public. I promised that they would not be identified. March … Continue reading "The coming tsunami from a healthcare provider’s perspective"

A test of faith

Last Friday Governor Brian Kemp took the unprecedented step of declaring a statewide public health emergency as the number of Covid-19 (coronavirus) cases began to increase on national and state levels. The Georgia General Assembly suspended its calendar last Thursday and returned for on Monday for a special session called by the Governor to approve … Continue reading "A test of faith"

Forecast for Covid-19 in the United States

Covid-19 forecast from University of Massachusetts Amherst, March 11, 2020 Real data and solid research matter. Read it. Share it. Use it. The information below is taken directly from the link in this post. Results from Survey 4 (administered March 9-10, 2020) Experts predict a four-fold rise in reported cases in the US over the … Continue reading "Forecast for Covid-19 in the United States"

Foolproof method for avoiding a traffic fine

Georgia General Assembly members are considering legislation to improve safety on our state’s roads and streets. Sponsored by  Marietta Republican John Carson , HB113 is making its way through House committees as Crossover Day on March 12 approaches. Current legislation requires that drivers using a smart-phone or other electronic device do that without holding it … Continue reading "Foolproof method for avoiding a traffic fine"

Washington County approves courthouse display with a narrow historic view

The February 19th edition of Washington County’s weekly newspaper The Sandersville Georgian, which is not available online, included an article about a presentation made to two of the county’s commissioners. Lynda Brown, a board member of Ten Commandments Georgia, Inc., which was founded by the county’s Congressional District Representative Jody Hice, requested that the county … Continue reading "Washington County approves courthouse display with a narrow historic view"

Georgia Recorder-coal ash clean up, aisle seven

Because coal ash and its toxins are forever, the work to protect the health of communities, water and air, natural resources, and recreational places, is never done. The Georgia Recorder has an op/ed I wrote about the challenges we face in Georgia concerning coal ash waste clean up and storage. Spoiler alert- ratepayers shouldn’t have … Continue reading "Georgia Recorder-coal ash clean up, aisle seven"

Super Bowl half-time was about more than entertainment

Once again the internet exploded over the Super Bowl half-time show. Last night’s show featured Jennifer Lopez (JLo) and Shakira, who were joined by JBlavin and BadBunny. Lopez also shared part of the performance with her daughter Emme, a talented 11 year old with great stage presence. They knew they had an audience and they … Continue reading "Super Bowl half-time was about more than entertainment"

Rural Georgians deserve safe drinking water too

Have you ever sat down to a home-cooked meal and heard the cook say, “You may not be able to taste it, but the pasta was cooked in water that may very well be contaminated with a plethora of cancer-causing toxins. Enjoy!” For Georgians who live near a coal plant in Georgia and rely on … Continue reading "Rural Georgians deserve safe drinking water too"

Buckle up! The Georgia General Assembly is back.

Former Georgia Speaker of the House Tom Murphy was an opponent of requiring seatbelt use. He said it was inconvenient for farmers who may spend a lot of time getting in and out of their truck . I always thought that was a lazy man’s excuse. An article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that … Continue reading "Buckle up! The Georgia General Assembly is back."

Turn up the volume and put it on repeat

I love this song and listen to it all year, with the volume turned up. Don’t sit out on the work that needs to be done

The man without an exit strategy goes to war

In mid-October President Trump abandoned Kurdish allies in Syria. This resulted in deserting American military holdings in the area, Turkish assaults on Kurds, the escape of ISIS prisoners, and Kurdish leaders looking to Russia and the Syrian government for support against Turkey. On Tuesday, January 7th, dictators Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Bashar al-Assad (Syria) met … Continue reading "The man without an exit strategy goes to war"

The most powerful people in the White House

The most powerful people in The White House.

Thursday marked a refusal to turn the other cheek

Pushback from the Speaker and V.P. Ed Mellette Farm raised, semi-retired businessman, and political opinionator. Columbia/Spartanburg, SC reposted with permission from the author With considerable admiration of her present leadership in the matter of Articles of Impeachment currently being considered against the President of the United States, I want to congratulate Madam Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, … Continue reading "Thursday marked a refusal to turn the other cheek"

David Sedaris and the books in the lobby

Last week a friend graciously invited me to hear author David Sedaris read from his work at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta (it truly is fabulous). Sedaris and I spent time together during the summer of 2018 while I listened to the audio version of his book Calypso ,and then  Let’s Explore Diabetes with … Continue reading "David Sedaris and the books in the lobby"


This recipe is often used in my family for extended family dinners, holidays, and any time I need to contribute to a cover-dish meal. If you haven’t ever used phyllo, do not be intimidated by it. Ingredients 1 large onion 1 sleeve/tube of thawed phyllo sheets 5 eggs 24 oz of feta cheese (I use … Continue reading "Spanakopita"