Superhero cape not required

Three years ago I had to make a difficult decision between keeping my job and fighting for my beliefs.  I felt like I had been thrown under a train by a few people who didn’t understand how firmly I am committed to my values and ethics, the things that are at my very core.

It took me a while to build my strength to a point where I could stand up under that metaphorical train. It wasn’t easy and it wouldn’t have happened without the support of my family and so many friends who kept me from being crushed. When I said I was ready, their steadfastness in doing what is right, and holding on to values which require the highest ethical standards, helped me stand up and shake that train off its tracks.

August 5th is a day of celebration for me now. If you’ve had to stand up for the values and beliefs that make you the person you are, especially when you knew standing firm could have serious consequences, celebrate yourself and the people who are there for you when you need to be cheered on.

Today, for the third time, I want to thank the people who have seen me through some very hard and painful days. I also want to thank the strangers who made a point of telling me, “What you did was great.”  Because when you manage to push a train off your back, word gets around, especially in a small community crisscrossed by railroad tracks.

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One Response to Superhero cape not required

  1. Dianna Wedincamp says:

    Katherine, you are a Superhero to me! I’m so proud to have you as a good friend and will gladly stand behind you in any fight! Have a wonderful day and we all should remember “good things happen to good people” . Your Friend, Dianna Wedincamp