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August 2, 2013

radio 1

We live in an old country farm house. There aren’t any columns in Classical style, or a sweeping view from a gated driveway. We bought the house 26 years ago, rewired and replumbed it, and moved in while we continued to renovate. The old lightning rods are still up on the tin roof, as well as a flattened Prince Albert can that covers a hole in a wood ceiling we uncovered.

We’ve never succeeded in having a radio in the kitchen. 26 years. Sometimes we listened to A Prairie Home Companion or All Things Considered blaring from a stereo in the den (that equipment gave up not long after our daughters could reach the buttons and dials).

In a last-ditch effort I tried the radio in today’s photo. It isn’t new and it has no iPod auxiliary jac. It works without static in just one of the kitchen outlets. I could only get public radio and a station in Louisville (Georgia) that carries the Braves.

Those two stations were as clear as a bell as long as the power cord is in a jumble.

We’ve waited years for something as simple as a radio in the kitchen. We’ll have to overlook the fact we are giving up precious counter space because the kitchen is small. Fortunately we could make enough room for the entire Braves lineup against the Rockies and the production staff at NPR.

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