You may own us, but we won’t let you in

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February 24, 2012 

The sun was shining brightly on the sign at my electric co-op yesterday.
It needs to shine brightly on operations and decisions made there.
The owner members must request, in writing, permission to attend
any part of a board meeting.
It is the same as owning your own company
(because the customers are the owners)
but being told you can’t come to the Executive Committee meetings.


4 thoughts on “You may own us, but we won’t let you in”

    1. It should be a grave marker for poor governance and financially risky coal plants. Washington County folks have black and gold ribbons everywhere to show support for the high school basketball team. The girls are tearing up state playoffs. The gold part of the bow didn’t show up in the bright light. I can’t fault the EMC for not supporting students.

  1. Your picture and words made me think of Little Richard’s song….Keep a knocking but you can’t come in…..Come back tomorrow and try again….Whooo

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