“With justice for all”

DOMA struck down http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/12pdf/12-307_g2bh.pdf

And on Prop 8 from SCOTUS Blog: There will be much further discussion and analysis about how the decision in Perry affects other couples in California. For the time being, we will say this: the Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal challenging a final order from the trial court. It would appear, then, that the order will go into effect. And it appears that this final order purports to prohibit the Attorney General and the Governor from enforcing Prop. 8.

There could well be new challenges to the scope of that order. But for the time being, the order appears to be in effect and to prevent enforcement of Proposition 8 statewide.

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  1. Marian Wingo says:

    Thanks Katherine, for posting this! Marian