Where’s The Friday Photo?

I didn’t post a photo last Friday because I didn’t think I had anything that was worth posting. What I did think about a good bit on Friday, and other days, was about putting Rural and Progressive on hiatus to figure out if I should continue.

It takes me A LOT of time to crank out posts that are heavy on politics. Fact-checking, reading a variety of sources, double checking, proofing, maybe asking for a review before posting, and triple checking take time. When I worked at home and my schedule was flexible I could pick up and put down posts throughout the day.

And then today Hillary announced. So I signed up and donated to her campaign.

This election isn’t about electing the first woman POTUS (even though we’re behind the curve on electing women to national leadership in America). This election is about children, women, seniors, people of color, my LGBTQ friends and family, the middle class, the working poor, our veterans, energy production, peace, public schools, rural communities, national infrastructure, the arts, health care, housing, food shortages, and our natural resources.

So I ‘m figuring out what Rural and Progressive will be in the future.

Got a suggestion? I’d love to hear it.


3 thoughts on “Where’s The Friday Photo?”

  1. I’d say you just offered your readers a tremendous ‘shot’ with what you posted above. The paragraph beginning with: “This election…” will keep me jazzed for days. Thank you for all the past offerings and for whatever you share in the future.

  2. Katherine, don’t stop. Your ideas, wrapped thoughtfulness and care, make an important contribution They reflect your creativity and policy assessments, and our own aspirations. I know we’re scavaging on your dynamic artistic and community-making enterprise for our own weekly enlightenment and entertainment. Let our enthusiasm be a nutrients that fuels your future posts and pics. xo

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