The Ken Burns Effect

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March 16, 2012


K=Aaron DeMoss, E=Matt Haselton, N=nte Miller, !=Erin Burns, Ken Burns (coat and tie)

 Take eight brand new college freshmen, add a shared interest in documentaries, steep in a setting that encourages discussion, critical thinking, and creativity, add a little body paint, and you get The Ken Burns Effect.

What began as a common point of dining hall and sidewalk conversations among eight young students at Guilford College has grown into a documentary in the making based on Ken Burns, called, appropriately, The Ken Burns Effect.

The eight freshman are now alums making their way back to Guilford on Tuesday, March 27, to hear Burns speak again. And, like many free-lance film directors and producers, they need to fund their travel and production, hence a really creative fundraising campaign.

I smiled the minute I started watching the video, and laughed out loud too (you’ll have to watch the video, but I suspect others will laugh when I did).

You may know some young adults who are just as creative as these eight Guilford alums, and I hope you encourage them as they tell their stories.

I can’t wait to see The Ken Burns Effect on the big screen because I suspect, in addition to being an homage to Ken Burns, it will tell the story of the deep and lasting impact that Guilford College has on everyone who is lucky enough to be there. Maybe there will be a sequel, working title The Guilford College Effect?

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