Ted Nugent thinks I ought to be shot

NRA board member Ted Nugent thinks I ought to be shot because I am a liberal, no, make that Liberal. Being a Liberal seems to be his only criteria.

That’s right- Ted Nugent is now calling for law abiding Americans to be shot between the eyes like a rabid dog if they are Liberals. 

It sure does raise some hard questions.

What if you’re kind of liberal about the environment but not so liberal on tax breaks for the middle class? If you might be leaning towards Liberal, would cutting an arm off be enough to get your thinking right, or would it have to be an all or nothing policy?

Gee, before you know it, people would be afraid to question authority or speak out about anything for fear of being shot.

To clarify his thoughts, Nugent told Alex Jones, host of The Alex Jones Show on Infowars, “America, you got to cleanse this country.”

“Cleansing,” when referring to entire groups of people, is a scary scary idea.

Cleansing is what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany. Cleansing is what happened in Bosnia. Cleansing is what happened in Rwanda.

The threats to our country from terrorist groups like ISIL are real. The threats within our borders from people like Nugent, the KKK, Planned Parenthood opponents,  and their ilk, are just as real, and maybe bigger, than those from any number of foreign groups.

Have we as Americans lost sight of recent history, or are we so certain “it will never happen here” that we are laying the groundwork for the very thing we think is impossible?