Reading your fortune

The Friday Photo
July 3, 2015

Lunch today was supposed to be sandwiches and watermelon on some river shoals after paddling about an hour. The weather didn’t cooperate, so we drove back to town for Chinese, and of course, fortune cookies. 

How to throw a great July 4th party

The Friday Photo
A weekly photo inspired by spontaneity, art, and community.
July 6, 2012

Lucy and Robert Whelchel’s fence on July 4th

Live bluegrass music played by a beaming grandfather and granddaughter

Old friends, new friends, great food

An African doctor, educated in Communist Russian, returning home to use years of experience working in war torn Eastern Europe to open a women’s health clinic

Politics, religion, books, health care, retirement, tales about travel, history, family

Cool breezes after dinner stirred with a soft British accent

And so much laughter


Needs more work

My friend Man Martin came across an undiscovered copy of the Declaration of Independence complete with the Founding Fathers’ comments. He posted it on his blog today.

Man Martin found a copy of the Declaration of Independence with the Founding Fathers’ editorial comments.


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