Two boxes, 8.5 years

The Friday Photo
May 29,2015

We’re downsizing today. These two boxes are filled with documents spanning 8.5 years (and counting) of some of the most difficult, rewarding, and meaningful work I will ever do.

Yesterday it finally sunk in

The Friday Photo
December 27, 2013


Sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake. Two years ago I started (but didn’t finish) a daily writing prompt project led by my friend Patti Digh (she’s amazing and human at the same time). One of the prompts involved spending the time to clean up your desk/work space as a way to invest in yourself and what you do.

I’ve been better about being able to see the surface of my desk since last summer (only because I moved my desk and had to start fresh), but today the writing prompt finally registered. I walked into my home office/sewing room and started to move, again, the two boxes in today’s photo. Finally, finally, a light came on that said, “Why don’t you unload these things? Today. RIGHT NOW! What are you waiting for?”

So I did. In almost no time. I tossed some stuff, figured out how to be less sloppy with filing until I am ready to record/account for things, and put some pictures out that really matter to me.

Thank you Patti, for this lesson, and so many others.

Art competition!

The Friday Photo
A weekly photo celebrating art, spontaneity, and community
August 9, 2013


Some people think environmentalists abhor the use of electricity.
Here’s photographic proof that we don’t.

This HVAC unit is outside the window next to my desk.
Due to the duct work, my office is the coolest room in the house, so when I
am working I can turn the temp up and run it less often (saving energy, as environmentalist are prone to do).

However, I can’t stand looking outside and seeing it. And I don’t want to put up blinds or curtains, which in the end will reduce the natural light where I need it (bonus-I don’t have to turn the light on during the day usually).

I called our heating and cooling guy, and Mel said he’s never had anyone ask if it is OK to paint their AC unit. As long as I keep the fan clear of paint, he said I can paint it.

So, friends and readers of Rural and Progressive, got an idea for a design (or best techniques if in fact you have done this too). I am not much for drawing or painting, but I am hopeful someone will have a simple idea that I can manage or build on. Let me know in the comments section here any other way we are connected if you have a design idea.



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