Testing, 1,2,3

I may be jumping on the bandwagon, but I am thinking about adding links to things that are worth a read and posting them here (some will also be Tweeted). With the Gold Dome buzzing again, there is a lot of ground to cover in addition to national politics and happenings (and I’m just one rural resident who needs another cup of coffee).

I can check the stats and see if people are visiting my site and clicking on links, but that may not tell me the full story. If you have a suggestion (or want to send me things to include) please comment below.

Here’s what I’ve read this morning:

Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Georgia House Rep Jason Carter delivered the Democrat’s response to Gov Deal’s State of the State and simultaneous campaign speech yesterday. Maureen Downey at the AJC covers it today.

Georgia Public Broadcasting covers state legislator interest in medical marijuana

Jim Galloway at the AJC”s Political Insider reports that Former EPD Director Harold Reheis was rescued from frigid water in Cobb County quarry (why didn’t Cobb county authorities want to identify him??)