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August 26, 2016

Photo collage credit, Sarah Todd, Newton County, Georgia, August 25, 2016
Photo collage credit, Sarah Todd, Newton County, Georgia, August 25, 2016

Wilcox County students say ‘Love has No Color”

The students in Wilcox County are tired of segregated private proms, so they are doing what their parents and school leaders won’t do: organizing an integrated prom so everyone can get dressed up and have fun, together. It will be the colors of their dresses and bow ties that matter the night of April 27, not the color of their skin. They set up a page on Face Book and are raising money for their dance, which will be held in Cordele.

Bran Long at Better Georgia sent out this email yesterday:

If you haven’t already heard, Wilcox County high school students have said they won’t go another year with a segregated prom.

It’s 2013 and integration is long overdue.

Since they couldn’t get the support of their high school or many of their parents, they’re just going to do it themselves.

The AJC just reported on Better Georgia’s challenge to elected officials in Georgia to support Wilcox County’s student-organized integrated prom.

It’s pretty simple: love has no color.

So while we’re waiting to see which elected officials publicly or financially support this integrated prom, here are two things you can do to help right now:

1. Get on Facebook and ‘Like’ their page. Then share it on your page and spread to your friends.

2. Use the Twitter hashtag #integratedprom to spread the word and encourage your elected officials to support this simple effort.

Lot’s of Georgia’s problems are big and too difficult for one person or one group to fix alone. Broken roads and schools. Defunded health care. Rampant corruption under the Gold Dome.

But this problem is both big — and easily fixed.

Don’t just sit on the sidelines. Support these brave kids as they teach the adults in their community a lesson in compassion and love.

This one is easy.

Bryan Long
Executive Director
Better Georgia


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