Git yur guns, boys!

What started after the 2008 election with the election of a black man to the White House, threatens to come full circle to a full-on “take back the government” uprising if Hillary Clinton is elected. Jimmy Arno of Georgia is just one of many who say they will be, I don’t know, marching to Washington, D.C., to lead some type of revolution if the election doesn’t go their way. Militia member Charles Keith Cobble claims they screen their fanatic members to make sure they aren’t KKK folks, but really, this type of “background check,” as Cobble calls it, is a farce.

In his conversation with Ryan Lentz of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, Adam Ragusea of GPB rightly makes note that white people carrying guns are usually called militia members, and brown people are called terrorists.

The fear gripping white people, primarily poorly educated, lower-income men (I am making a broad statement and I am not going to go down a rabbit hole with anyone on it), started with racism, and now it has expanded to include women. Donald Trump fed this type of mindset. He started with birtherism, and has woven in a complete and utter disrespect for women into his mixture of hatred and fear.

It bears repeating: we withstood the resignation of one President, and a 5-4 Supreme Court vote for another one. Electing Hillary Clinton will not be the worst thing to happen to this country. And it certainly won’t be worth starting a civil war over.



GPB owes an apology to Fresh Air host Terry Gross

My love affair with Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB), at least as a donor, came to an end earlier this year when Chip Rogers was given a “special for him” job as a broadcast at taxpayer expense.

Now GPB has yet another problem with who has access to a mic.

Yesterday Adam Ragusea, the local host for WMUM, the GPB Macon, ran a promo voiced by Fresh Air host Terry Gross. Ragusea, a professional broadcaster, said afterwards it sounded like Terry Gross has a lisp.

I’m not a “Fresh Air” fan, but I am a fan of professional broadcasters being held to professional standards.

There should be zero tolerance for insensitive comments like this one broadcast on WMUM. GPB President Teya Ryan can begin to restore listener/donor confidence in the network by immediately removing Ragusea from all on-air duties and any teaching/mentor work with Mercer University students.

A handwritten apology to Ms Gross would be a good way for Ragusea to begin to learn what true professionalism entails. GPB should follow-up by broadcasting and posting an apology to listeners and educating all staff on acceptable on-air decorum.

Tell GPB you expect on-air professionalism by emailing [email protected] or calling 800.222.4788.

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