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  1. I’m delighted to see that the river now has water! However, I want to know why it is so muddy. From where is the mud coming? What is happening to the area’s topsoil? Where is all that sediment going? Are the EPA restrictions not working? This problem needs to be looked into.

    1. The Ogeechee is a black river so even in “normal” conditions it is tea colored. With this current state of flooding, it is changed by the dirt and silt from the river banks it has risen above.

      The real problem with the Ogeechee is the dangerous levels of mercury and other toxins in it. The Ogeechee Riverkeeepr is in court about discharge from King America Finishing. Making sure Plant Washingon never gets built will protect it from coal plant emissions along with eliminating coal ash storage near Williamson Swamp Creek which feeds the river.

  2. Wow, Katherine, impressive and such a relief. Thanks for the comparisons.

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