It takes two people to do Chip Rogers’ job

Today at Better Georgia:

It turns out that Chip Rogers can’t do the job he was hired to do at GPB.

The new radio show that Gov. Nathan Deal created for Chip Rogers was scheduled to begin airing in April. But it’s now been pushed back to July.

After Better Georgia released three videos to call attention to the Chip’s missing work product, Georgia Public Broadcasting told the AJC that they needed to hire a new executive producer to work with Chip — who is the second-highest paid employee at GPB, drawing $150,000 per year in taxpayer funded salary.

GPB hired former B98.5 FM “Morning Show” producer Jessica Forkel to do the work that Chip Rogers hasn’t been able to do over the past 130 days.

GPB has not disclosed Forkel’s salary, which will only add to the cost.

In December, Chip Rogers called this new gig his “dream job.” Now we know why.

Thanks, Gov. Deal.

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3 Responses to It takes two people to do Chip Rogers’ job

  1. Patrick Thompson says:

    Does it come with odds on games?

    • Katherine Helms Cummings says:

      I am sure Will can hook you up with that. Can’t find his number.

  2. Elizabeth Martin says:

    I think that Chip Roger’s $150,000 salary ought to be split with the new hire, rather than having her salary be ADDED. Ms. Forkel ought to receive whatever portion of Mr. Roger’s salary is equitable, depending upon what portion of his work she does. Taxpayers cannot afford to hire someone else to do the work he was “hired” to do!