It finally arrived!

The Friday Photo
March 13, 2015

photo by David Cummings

photo by David Cummings


My husband has put thousands of miles on the bike he has owned for over 30 years. After years of looking at bikes and saving for a new one, his arrived earlier this week. I don’t know anything about bikes except to say this one is beautiful.







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3 Responses to It finally arrived!

  1. Elaine crawford says:

    Well he got 30 years out of his old one. I hope he get 30 years out of this one. But, I know his older one was made out of better materials. But I will blow my horn when I see him on the road again (song).

  2. Marian Wingo says:

    It certainly is that! And my favorite color, the color of a Miata I enjoyed for nine years.