Do we need background checks for frying pans and hammers?

Last year Georgia Representative Terry England, R-Auburn, came away, after some stiff competition from fellow state legislators, with the “Stupid Arguments” title for the 2012 General Assembly session. England’s idiotic comparison of women to farm animals not only earned him the ire of fellow female legislators, but A-List celebrities including Kyra Sedgewick and Academy Award Winner Meryl Streep launched an online campaign taking him to task.

Senator Bill Jackson, R-Augusta, is leading the race in this year’s session for the 2013 title bragging rights. Yesterday during debate on a bill concerning mental health services (SB 65), Jackson argued that “They killin’ people with frying pans. They killin’ people with hammers. There’s more murders with hammers last year than there was shotguns, pistols and AK-47s.”

Yep. Frying pans and hammers.

I’m rushing to William Sonoma and Sur La Table to stock up on my arsenal of pans before  Jackson thinks to introduce a bill on background checks and same day purchase limits on these household weapons (my husband has a hefty 12″ cast iron number with a matching lid and that baby really packs some heat, no pun intended).

I hope I get to Home Depot before the shelves are stripped clean of hammers.


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One Response to Do we need background checks for frying pans and hammers?

  1. Leigh Touchton says:

    I don’t know what it is about Georgia, but we sure seem to grow a huge crop of legislators who say and do ridiculous things. Terry England, Paul Broun, and now Bill Jackson. Thank you, legislators, you make us proud.