Buying a good experience

We like to paddle with our grandchildren, so over the weekend we piled into the car and went to REI to get water sandals for them. We are hopeful that warm weather may return to Georgia.

On the way to lunch in Decatur I promised them a trip to The a Little Shop of Stories, a fabulous indie bookstore across the street from the courthouse. It was an eye-opening experience for me, and I think them too.

The closest bookstore to us is 60-70. Barnes and Noble is fine for many things, but I grew up going to The Little Professor and Intimate Bookshop in Charlotte (and no, the Intimate Bookshop was not an adults only store). As a young grad student a day trip to Portland to go to Powell’s Books was a big deal (acres and acres of books and home to Annie Hughes coffee shop, the first one I ever experienced in a book store).

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3 Responses to Buying a good experience

  1. I so miss going to the book stores too – and relaxing and taking my time. What a wonderful way to share time with your grandchildren. There is another indy book store at Toco Hills – over by Kroger – The Tall Tales Bookshop – I’m not sure if they would have as much for the kids though – but I like to duck in there and check out what the people that work there recommend.

  2. Katherine, I love this. Books are huge in my family – and my sister swears I only visit her when I need a Powell’s fix. Your grand-darlings will treasure these trips forever. My 16 y.o. granddaughter Shannon still comments on books we read together when she was little, and the places we went.

  3. SteveH says:

    Oh I miss the Intimate Bookstore in downtown Chapel Hill. My brother used to work there.