A family’s traveling free verse

April is National Poetry Month. Rural and Progressive is posting favorite poems shared by writers and poets. Today’s was contributed by Raven Waters.

While Traveling to Montana by Train

a family free verse, by Janisse, Raven and Skye

Twelve degrees outside the glass tube

a lot of snow

trees in perfect rows

snow sculpted by the wind

foot tracks of deer, antelope, and other things

north country does not follow me home

pockets of farms close to the border

I toboggan down the stairs

blue shadows of snowdrifts

uninterrupted horizons for the eye

one coyote at dawn

morning light

Raven Waters submitted this family poem. Raven is a student and farmer in south Georgia. His wife is author Janisse Ray, who shares farm duties with Raven and their daughter Skye. Janisse’s work will also included on Thursday, April 24.


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