Why Ferguson is burning


Racism and hate are too deeply embedded in our country today. They are ignored and denied, like other difficult problems, that will, if acknowledged and fully addressed, change the way our country’s people, businesses, and institutions work.

This opinion piece in the Washington Post by Emory Professor Carol Anderson explains a critical part of the foundation of racism in our country today, and why we are certain to repeat Ferguson if we continue on the current path.

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We need more imagination

The Friday Photo
November 21, 2014

I decided to sew last and skipped President Obama’s address about immigration. Later when I sat down in front of the TV this ad from values.comĀ was what I saw first.

What if we imagined a world where children never sit alone at lunch, students in a library worry more about turning in a research paper than being gunned while they study, where people earn enough money to have a little left over at the end of the month, where we inspire people rather than building fences.

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Upgrade, reset

Dennis Kirschbaum

Dennis Kirschbaum

My friend Dennis Kirschbaum, whose work has been shared here before, wrote an erudite essay on choosing work that fits your life and who you are (or want to be). I shared it on Facebook with some friends who have in turn shared it with their friends and young adult children. I hope you will share myLife 2.0.

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