Still timely after 42 years

Instead of a Friday Photo, I’m posting a Friday Video. This song by Stevie Wonder has been discussed as one of the best protest songs ever. Released in 1974, it is still timely.

The Truth About Interracial Marriage in 2016

Reposted with permission from Grace Kelley. The original post appeared on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 on The Millennial Falcon, All the list-icles that are fit to print. The Truth About Interracial Marriage in 2016 Yesterday, when the shooting of Terence Crutcher started going viral, I posted this as my Facebook status: “All my Facebook memories … Continue reading "The Truth About Interracial Marriage in 2016"

Black men aren’t the problem

Last night I went to bed knowing that an unarmed black man was shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This morning I woke up to a news report of yet another black man killed by police in my hometown, Charlotte, North Carolina. Police say Keith Lamont Scott, age 43, wasn’t the suspect they were looking for in … Continue reading "Black men aren’t the problem"

This is not ok. Ever.

Our country withstood the resignation of a President, and nine judges holding the fate of an election in their hands. Kentucky’s Governor, Matt Bevin, calls for violence if voters choose Hillary Clinton as the next President. This is not ok. Ever. Jay Bookman spells it out in his column today.  

Women don’t get to call in sick

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia. Richard Nixon drank too much and took powerful prescription drugs while he was in the White House. Ulysses Grant drank whiskey throughout the Civil War and two terms as President. FDR and Winston Churchill stayed up all hours drinking together. Georgia W Bush choked on a pretzel, fainted, and scuffed up … Continue reading "Women don’t get to call in sick"

Junk mail

I filled out the survey. It reminded me that I needed to order a Hillary/Kaine yard sign, and make another modest donation to the campaign.  

Why did Trump wait so long to rescue the United States?

Jay Bookman’s column at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is extra brilliant today.

Tuesday’s Trumped-up conspiracy theory

Over the weekend Donald Trump demonstrated his lack of, well, connection to other humans, by Tweeting that the murder of Dwayne Wade’s cousin was exactly why black voters should support him. Today he was spinning trumped-up (no pun intended, but it sure is easy) terrorists conspiracy theories about Huma Abedin, a key staffer to Hillary … Continue reading "Tuesday’s Trumped-up conspiracy theory"

When will we learn?

The Friday Photo August 26, 2016

Galloway and Wingfield weigh in on the outcry over proposed mosque in Newton County

Jim Galloway and Kyle Wingfield are spot on in their Atlanta Journal Constitution columns today. Wingfield begins with, “Plans for a mosque in Newton County — and some loudly negative reactions to those plans — pose some uncomfortable truths to people on both sides of Georgia’s religious-liberty debate.” Jim Galloway, the leader of Political Insider … Continue reading "Galloway and Wingfield weigh in on the outcry over proposed mosque in Newton County"

Newton County woman too cowardly to claim her own words

The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s coverage of yesterday’s public hearing in Covington, Georgia, about a building permit request for a new mosque in Newton County, brought out the worst in many local citizens, according to an article by Meris Lutz. Lutz quotes a woman who said, “To say we wish to disallow this project based on … Continue reading "Newton County woman too cowardly to claim her own words"

The perfect accessory for every outfit

The Friday Photo August 19, 2016 Squash Blossom Boutique Decatur, Georgia  

Flying our freak flag

The Friday Photo August 12, 2016 Our flag is a lot more fun than a Welcome mat.

The changing of the guard

The Friday Photo August 5, 2016 photos by Louise Baxter    

You never know where you’ll meet a member of your tribe

The Friday Photo July 29, 2016 Wednesday afternoon I stopped to get gas after picking up some groceries in Milledgeville, the “big” city to the west of my home town of Sandersville. A small SUV pulled up at a pump diagonally to mine. The driver, a woman maybe in her mid 60s, jumped out of … Continue reading "You never know where you’ll meet a member of your tribe"

Truth telling on The Late Show

The Friday Photo July 22, 2016 He’s back, and he’s spot on (I can’t top this with a photo.)

Baton Rouge is a microcosm of our country

The Friday Photo July 15, 2016 I don’t have a photo this week, instead I am sharing a video circulating on the web that I made myself watch last night. When police wearing militarized gear charge peaceful protestors on private property, I see a community consumed with racist fueled hate. Baton Rouge is a microcosm … Continue reading "Baton Rouge is a microcosm of our country"

A few words borrowed from Rob

This is reposted from a new blog, by Ellen Oltman Kellner, Ellen is Okay. In follow-up to yesterday’s post: My son’s experience yesterday in Baton Rouge, and thoughts following. The militarization of our local police departments terrifies me. -Ellen Oltman Kellner A few words borrowed from Rob July 11, 2016 I don’t tend to post long … Continue reading "A few words borrowed from Rob"

Henchmen in the Trump campaign

It isn’t hard to deconstruct the rantings of someone who uses the vocabulary of a third grade bully. Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump has surrounded himself by people of the same mindset. A Tweet by King Robbo,  @realkingrobbo, who identifies himself as a lobbyist and “Donald’s General of Memetic Warfare” calls for bringing back … Continue reading "Henchmen in the Trump campaign"

Changing the legacy of white violence

The Friday Photo July 8, 2016 Deafening Silence: White Silence and Alton Sterling Ryan Williams Virden, Form Follows Function I want to start by being very specific about who I am talking to; this post is meant for people who look like me, those of us with white skin. Many of you woke up this … Continue reading "Changing the legacy of white violence"