The Walkback and Stumbles

A partial timeline of the broken promises, unveiled hate, double standards, unfamiliarity with the American Constitution, and lack of  government experience, by Donald Trump, his Cabinet, staff, and members of Congress. Trump did not secure the majority of votes in the 2016 election. Why is this partial- there is more walking back and stumbles than one person can catalog.

 CNN and the Washington Post are tracking campaign promises.

February 5, 2017
Trump tries to move away from his unsubstantiated claims of 3-5M fraudulent votes cast in the November 2016 election and tells Bill O’Reilly that it is really about voter registration.

February 3, 2017






Trump staffer Kellyanne Conway refers to #BowlingGreenMassacre as an example of Obama policies. There never was a Bowling Green Massacre. Support the victims’ fund.

January 30, 2017
Sean Spicer says Executive Order isn’t a ban, even though Trump used the word.

January 25, 2017
Trump Tweets that he will direct federal resources (i.e. taxpayer dollars) to begin building a wall on the border with Mexico, despite numerous campaign promises that Mexico would pay for it. (see November 11 post below)

January 24, 2017
Sean Spicer answers questions about Trump’s claims on millions of illegal voters, quoting sources that in fact do not support those claims. Spicer said, “It’s a belief he maintains.” It is clear that Trump’s beliefs are based on “alternative facts.”

January 24, 2017
Claiming he is an environmentalist, Trump signs documents to allow for the construction for Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), both intended to move toxic tarsands across farm land and drinking water resources. Native Americans and others pledge to continue their fight against, which includes encampments there. Trump also says that the pipelines must be made with American steel, but no plan exists yet.

January 23, 2017
Spicer whines that press coverage pointing out the stark differences in attendance between the 2009 and 2017 inaugurations is “demoralizing.” Politics isn’t for the weak.

January 23, 2017

In his first meeting with Congressional leaders, Trump says that 3-5M votes were cast illegally in the election, but he does not vow to uphold his legal obligation to protect the Constitution by calling for a thorough investigation. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says,”As a matter of fact I’d like you to do more than stop saying it,” he said. “I’d like you to come forward and say having looked at it I am confident the election was fair and accurate and people who voted voted legally. Cause if he doesn’t do that, this is going to undermine his ability to govern this country.”

January 23, 2017

Like Republican Presidents before him, Trumps signs an executive order banning any international organization receiving US funds from even discussing abortion. Federal law already prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion except in a very few exceptions.

January 22, 2017
Conway says Trump’s tax returns won’t be released, breaking campaign promises that he would release them. She claims that the public isn’t interested in them, Signatures on the White House petition web site quickly top 216,000.

January 22, 2017
Trump’s advisor Kellyanne Conway tries to excuse away Trump and Spicer’s insistence on inaccurate numbers for the inauguration as “alternative facts.” Online searches for the definition of “facts” soars, and Merriam-Webster editors post to clarify.

January 21, 2017

DC police wear pink pussy hats

Three million women, men, and children, including members of Congress, march in DC, cities across the country, and in international locations, to support equality and justice for all people. There are no arrests during any of the marches.

January 21, 2017
The Trump administration shuts down the National Park Service Twitter account after it posts photos comparing crowd sizes for Obama’s 2009 inauguration to his.

January 21, 2017
In a wildly rambling speech at the CIA, Trump takes staffers to applaud for him. He says that American troops may “have another chance” to seize the oil from Iraq, which is working with American troops to defeat Isis. he also spent time making points about how many times he has been on the cover of Time magazine, and gave inflated number on crowd numbers at his inauguration.

January 21, 2017

photo CBSN

Trumps insists, and Press Secretary Sean Spicer repeats, that Trumps inauguration was better attended than President Obama’s 2009 inauguration. Photos prove the Trump administration wrong.

January 20, 2017
As soon as Trump takes the oath of office the White House web site wipes all mention of climate change, protection of LGBTQ people, Civil Rights and access to health care.The site also includes commercial information on jewelry sold by Melania Trump.

January 20, 2017
Trump signs an executive order allowing for federal agencies to “grant relief” on parts of the Affordable Care Act. Trump nor the Republicans have any plan to replace the ACA with comparable coverage.

January 20, 2017
During his inauguration speech Trump uses an anti-Semitic phrase, America First, to rally his core base. Instead of offering ideas to unite a divided country, he spoke to his shrinking core base of supporters. He also promised to “eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth.”

January 18 ,2017
Trump walks back his campaign promise to sign unilateral, sweeping changes as soon on January 20th after being sworn in. He told the times of London that, “I don’t want to be signing and get it mixed up with lots of celebration,”

January 18. 2017
Betsy DeVos, who has no experience as a teacher, a student who attended public schools, the parent of public school students, or federal student loan applicant, says, among many things during confirmation hearings, that upholding federal laws protecting disabled students should be up to states.

DeVos doesn’t understand the difference between proficiency and growth

Ed Secretary nominee believes in conversion therapy 

Protecting children from grizzly bears in public schools is a primary concern for Betsy DeVos

DeVos says she believes what Trump said he did to women, “grab ’em by the pussy” is sexual assault

DeVos needs to a tutor-she doesn’t get her numbers right on student debt

January 14, 2017
Trump takes to Twitter as Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend begins to slam civil rights leader and Congressman John Lewis as a do-nothing representative in a crime-ridden district that includes almost all of Atlanta.

January 11, 2017
Trump held a media circus event that included staff on the sidelines to applaud. Last night Anderson Cooper took Trump surrogate Kellyanne Conway to task for gaslighting and lies on Trump’s part. Later, Cooper lead a panel discussion which included famed Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, who called Conway a Propaganda Minister.

January 8, 2017
In 2009, then Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell demanded that all Obama cabinet nominees be fully vetted, with full financial disclosures and clearance by the Office of Government Ethics, before holding Senate confirmation hearings. He isn’t holding Trump’s nominees to those standard steps- instead he is ready to begin hearings right away. Walter Shaub, Jr, the ethics office director, says this is unprecedented. The 1978 Ethics in Government Act requires that financial and employment disclosures be filed with his office.

January 7, 2017
House Majority Leader Paul Ryan says that Obamacare is broken and that Americans are “struggling” under the expansion of more affordable health care coverage. He then said that Republicans don’t want to “pull the rug out from under the families” using insurance made available through the Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare).

If is it broken, why not repeal it right away and support it with something better? And wouldn’t people be pleading for that to happen now? After six years, why don’t the Republicans have a plan in place? They made time to try and repeal it with 60 failed votes in Congress since it was approved and put into place.

January 6, 2017
Trump forced to admit that Americans will pay for a border wall with Mexico, which he is now calling a “Great Wall.” He insists Mexico will reimburse the United States although Mexico’s President said firmly last year that it won’t.

January 5, 2017
First Trump said he sides with Julian Assange of Wikileaks instead of US intelligence agencies (you know, the people who work for our country), and then he says that no, actually he is a “big fan” of the agencies. 

December 14, 2016
Trump will be in breach of contract when he takes oath of office because his DC hotel building is leased from the govenrment.

December 14, 2016
Twice failed Presidential candidate and former governor of Texas Rick Perry will lead the Energy Department. In 2008 Perry’s campaign was crushed during a debate when he couldn’t remember that the Department of Energy was one of three agencies he wanted to close.

December 13, 2016
Trump announces ExxonMobile CEO and Vladimir Putin’s BFF. Rex Tillerson, for Secretary of State.

December 13, 2016
Members of the Electoral College request security briefings after learning that Trump campaign was aware of Russian hacking efforts.

December 12, 2016
Trump postpones until January a press conference to explain how he will remove himself from his companies

December 11, 2016
Trump tells Fox “News” that he skips the daily intelligence and security briefings because he’s a “smart person.” What could possibly go wrong?

December 5, 2016
Dr. Ben Carson, a skilled surgeon who failed in a run for the Republican nomination, and declined Trump’s offer to serve as the head of HHS because he has no experience in government or running a large agency, has accepted on offer to be the Sec of Housing and Urban Development.

December 4, 2016
Trump melts down, again, via Twitter, about portrayals of him on Saturday Night Live. Activist Danielle Moscato responds in a series of Tweets that didn’t go his way. Maybe the Pres-elect needs a bedtime more suited for a three year old.

December 4, 2016
Trump takes it upon himself to break an almost four decade policy of  communication with Taiwan and called the President of that island nation last week. The fall-out includes a formal complaint from the Chinese government. Trump’s spokesperson Kellyanne Conway said that Trump is “routinely briefed” on this issues, but it is also known that Trump is passing on daily national security briefings.

December 2, 2016
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Trump owned/owns stock Carrier Corporation’s parent company United Technologies. Trump is claiming a victory for workers, but Carrier is still moving jobs to Mexico. As for the savings to the private company, the state of Indiana, where Vice-President Elect Mike Pence is still governor, is the reason the company is getting $7M in tax breaks. The company still plans to move 1,300 jobs to Mexico.

December 2, 2016
Trump announces General James “Mad Dog” Mattis to serve as Secretary of Defense. A special waiver will be required for him to serve. This announcement raises deep concerns over civilian v miliary control of the armed forces.

November 30, 2016
News reports are recirculating that Trump violated US law with a 1998 business venture in Cuba.

November 29, 2016
Trump announces GA Congressman (R) and physician Tom Price to lead Health and Human Services. Price opposes abortion, has an A rating from the NRA because he opposes gun control, opposes any federal subsidies for insurance coverage, and supports a loophole for doctors to charge Medicare more for services.

November 28,2016
Trump considers former General David Petraeus as Secretary of State. Petraeus pleaded guilty to leaking classified information, so Trump figures it would be good to trust him again.

November 28, 2016
Trump poised to violate the law involving his hotel located in a former DC post office. He continues to insists that his business dealings will not influence his “governance” decisions. (my quotes)

November 27, 2016
Trump tweets a complete and utter lie: millions of people voted illegally

November 24, 2016
Trump announces Betsy DeVos, who has no teaching experience, did not send her children to public schools, and advocates for vouchers aimed at gutting support for public schools, to serve as  Education Secretary

November 23, 2016
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R), has been tapped as United Nations Ambassador

November 22, 2016
In a single discussion with the New York Times, Trump backpedals on the Paris climate accords, waterboarding and torture, says he used his new position for business discussions concerning his golf course in Scotland, he’ll do photo ops in the White House that benefit his businesses, and said that anti-nepotism laws don’t apply to his son-in-law Jared Kuschner. Trump also talked about libel laws (he really ought to borrow Mr. Khan’s copy of the Constitution).

November 22, 2016
Trump says he won’t pursue “lock her up” campaign talk about Hillary Clinton once he is in office

November 22, 2016
Trump Foundation admits to self-dealing, which is is a violation of laws and regulations concerning charities

November 21, 2016
Because the Trump family doesn’t want to live under the same roof at the White House, taxpayers and the City of New York are spending at least $1Million PER DAY on additional
security details.

November 20, 2016
Trump defends his “University” settlement of $25M for fraud lawsuits 

November 19, 2016

Trump complains that Mike Pence harassed by Hamilton cast

November 18, 2016
Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, once considered “too racist” by the United States Senator to serve as a U.S. Distrcit Court Judge, will be Trump’s Attorney General, putting a “career racist” in control of the Department of Justice.

November 15, 2016
Dr. Ben Carson, who failed in an attempt as a Republican Presidential nominee in 2016, turned down an offer to serve as Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services. Carson’s representative said,”He’s never run an agency and it’s a lot to ask. He’s a neophyte and that’s not his strength.” He didn’t know enough to run a department, but he wanted to be President. Hmmmm

November 14, 2016
Much to his surprise, Trump discovers that the White House must be completely staffed by his administration

November 11, 2016
Trump names Climate Denier and Flat Earth Society Member Myron Ebell to lead EPA transition team

November 11, 2016
Trump says he may keep parts of Obamacare despite promises to repeal it in full.

November 11
Newt Gingrich says building a wall at the Mexican border and making Mexico pay for it was a great “campaign device”

November 8
Donald Trump elected President, Mike Pence elected vice-President

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