Rural and Progressive began in 2010 as a blogspot site. In 2012 I chose to buy a domain, pay for a web platform, and expand my personal investment of time and energy in posting content to focus attention on the challenges, and benefits, of living in rural Georgia from a Progressive  perspective.

Rural and Progressive does not have any advertising. That also means it doesn’t generate any funds to support the costs of site maintenance, news subscriptions, or documents secured through Open Records Acts. This also means that in the 10 years since Rural and Progressive first posted, the content here has provided no compensation to me.

Readers, news outlets, businesses, and organizations have visited Rural and Progressive thousands of times, and shared content posted here. The work here provides critical information to a broad audience. In reviewing the traffic data for Rural and Progressive, I have decided as I approach the 10th anniversary of this blog, to provide an opportunity for readers to support this site. This link to my Venmo account will allow readers to support this site with contributions of any amount. Contributions and contributor information are private. Period.

Rural and Progressive is not designated as a nonprofit organization by the IRS, nor am I pursuing such designation. Any person contributing to the work required to produce Rural and Progressive should not consider it to be tax-deductible. Your financial support will be greatly appreciated.
Rural and Progressive

Disclaimer: Rural and Progressive is a self-published website. Any contributions supporting the research, web platform, or other work required for the owner and any invited guest contributors, is not tax deductible. Rural and Progressive is not operating as a nonprofit entity.